Aviation Cybersecurity Training

Aviation Cybersecurity Training, Airworthiness Certification.

Cyber criminals could disrupt information that would cause a false representation that would force the pilots to land the aircraft. This is why, experts in aviation cybersecurity believe constant and mandatory upgrades expose legacy aircraft systems to wide range of cyber threats. Keeping legacy aircraft current with new technologies and cybersecurity safeguards is believed essential.

Tonex Offers Aviation Cybersecurity Airworthiness Certification

A 3-day Aviation Cyber Security Airworthiness training powered by Tonex. This introduces participants to aviation industry’s best practices cyber-security risk assessment, analysis, development, mitigation and assurance.

Participants will learn about guidelines, compliance, regulations, specifications and best practices in :

  • Aircraft security safety aspects
  • SAE standards ARP-4761 for Safety & ARP-4754A
  • “DO-326/ED-202 Set” compliance, risks and costs
  • Cyber-security levels analysis, development.
  • More.

Formostly,  participants can work in a group workshop to identify the key principles and consequences of aviation cybersecurity.

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