Commercial and Military Satellite Communications, Networks and Technologies

Modern Commercial and Military SATCOM Systems

Modern Commercial and Military SATCOM Systems. All the military people, satellite communications engineers, space security specialists, cybersecurity professionals are specially welcome. Because topic is much technical and most valuable. It’s Fundamentals of Modern Commercial and Military SATCOM Systems. Advanced SATCOM Training.

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It’s now well known to all that, civilian and military operations increasingly rely on space-based satellite communications. Protecting and defending the assets is critical to both military and, to the day-to-day running of the modern economy.

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You know what, military forces increasingly use space-based assets like, satellite communications to fulfill their mission. These technologies have become especially vital, for communications networks. It ensures users always are connected and ready for the growing amount of data to be collected, and disseminated on the ground, in the air and in orbit.

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It matters a lot. Today’s armed forces rely on space-based assets for reconnaissance, weather tracking, communication, navigation and more. The U.S. Air Force regularly launches GPS, and missile-defense tracking satellites, and brilliantly operates two classified X-37B robotic space planes.

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Topics highlights

  • Fundamentals of Satellite Communications
  • Commercial and Military Satellite Communications, Networks and Technologies
  • Satellite Communications Principles and Design
  • Satellite Network Configuration
  • Satellite System Planning
  • Future of Satellite communications.

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