Enhancing Space Cybersecurity for Competitive Edge in an Uncertain World

Our Expertise

With extensive expertise in space cybersecurity and a profound understanding of the industry, we specialize in crafting cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. From training, consulting and implementation to managed services, we ensure comprehensive protection for your business.

Integrate security measures to fortify resilience and minimize risks across crucial segments of the space value chain.


  • Advanced Space Threat Analytics 
  • Continuous Cyber Defense Support
  • Space Cyber Defense
  • Space Cyber Defense Analysis
  • Space Cyber Fusion
  • Space Cyber Investigation
  • Space Cyber Operational Planning
  • Space Cyber Protection
  • Space Cyber Resilience (Red Team and Blue Team)
  • Space Cyber Risk Management
  • Space Cyber Strategic Planning and Policy Development
  • Space Cyber Strategy
  • Space Cyber Test and Evaluation (T&E)
  • Space Cyber Trend Analysis
  • Space Cyber Threat Modeling and Simulation (M&S)
  • Space Digital Forensics
  • Space Exploitation Analysis
  • Space Ground Systems as a Service
  • Space Incident Response
  • Space Infrastructure Management and Support (Hardware and Software)
  • Space Intelligence Collection Operations
  • Space Legal Advice and Advocacy
  • Space Regulatory Strategies 
  • Space Risk Mitigation
  • Space Software Development
  • Space Systems Architecture and Development
  • Space Technology Research and Development
  • Space Threat Analysis
  • Space Threat Hunting
  • Space Training, Education and Awareness
  • Space Vulnerability Assessment and Management