Advanced Embedded Systems Cybersecurity Training

Embedded systems cybersecurity requires an end-to-end approach to address security issues during the design phase. Effective cybersecurity is essential for embedded systems, as hacking can give intruders access to data that can have serious consequences.

Advanced Embedded Systems Cybersecurity Course by Tonex provides a unique learning experience to explore vulnerabilities in embedded systems and learn best practices to integrate cybersecurity into ConOps, requirements, architecture, design, implementation, verification, validation, and operations & maintenance processes. Effective cybersecurity is essential for embedded systems to protect data.


This course is designed for

  • Engineers
  • Application developers
  • System designers
  • Embedded system programmers
  • Technical project and product managers and
  • Cybersecurity professionals using embedded systems

Learning opportunities

  • Embedded systems cybersecurity engineering
  • Risk management framework
  • Deriving security functional requirements
  • Offensive hacking/exploitation techniques
  • Defensive technologies
  • Wireless connectivity vulnerabilities
  • Secure embedded systems software/firmware practices, and
  • Reverse engineering


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