Electronic Warfare (EW), Top 8 Courses for Military Professionals

Electronic Warfare (EW), Top 8 Courses for Military Professionals. Learn Electronic warfare simulation, planning, design, analysis, requirements and more. It’s an powerful armour in your arsenal.

What is Electronic Warfare (EW)? How does EW work?

Electronic warfare (EW) has become an essential part of a military operation, enabling and empowering land, sea and air forces so that it can achieve missions successfully. Today, electronic warfare is often employed by friendly forces to establish air superiority through the suppression of enemy air defenses and disruption of communications.

Electronic Warfare uses EMS (electromagnetic spectrum). That is mostly invisible world around us, to conduct military action and involves the military use of electromagnetic energy to prevent or reduce an enemy’s effective use of the EMS while protecting its use for friendly forces.

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Which professionals need electronic warfare simulation courses?

All the Electronic Warfare (EW) courses are super recommended and carefully designed for the professionals like analysts, engineers, project managers, and electronic warfare professionals who build, manage and operate electronic warfare systems.



Learning opportunities:

All the electronic warfare EW courses topics are taken from the real world scenerios and carefully designed to meet your exact requirements. All the participants will have great opportunities to learn about these things:

  • Fundamentals of Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • Key concepts behind EW
  • EW Functions and capabilities
  • Net-Centric Electronic Warfare
  • (ISR) “Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance”  Applied in “EW”
  • Modern and Emerging RADAR Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering and “SoS” Engineering
  • Workshop and case-studies

Courses are available online, onsite and live online. Group training is always available with well arranged facilities. Take your courses wherever you go.

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